Great work, regardless of aesthetic, stems from collaboration¹, ideas², process³, and execution⁴.

Merritt Studio does great work. We’re not a creative factory – we’re a focused team of real, talented people who deliberately consider the job with your needs in mind. Our method ensures the result: high-quality products that perform. Work that works. We are tuned to opportunities and details. We’re committed to innovative steps.

1 collaborators = associates conspiring together to common ends
2 ideas = listening makes your cause our cause
3 process = what is our great undertaking? to what achievement are we called?
4 execution = what’s the plot? milestones make constellations

Your cause is our cause.

As collaborators, where we do we start with your project? We start by hearing you. Let’s talk about your business, your mission. What defines you now, and where do you want to go? We’re ready to take your story, add our seasoned perspective, and design creative solutions tailored to your needs. So, let’s talk about your audience, challenges, and dreams.

Ideas can emanate from anything, at anytime.

In line at Super Pollo.
An angle.
A childhood photo.
A feeling.
Surfing solo.
Camping with friends.
Found objects in the natural world.

We’ll capture it for you.

Innovation isn’t just our creative principle. It’s our essence.

Some people start things at square one. We start by looking at square one and deconstructing it, by observing its four lines, its utility. And then we imagine what else a square might become. To innovate means to approach each project as though limitations and boundaries don’t exist. It’s the result of evaporated expectations and organic creativity.

Merritt Studio delivers polished products that work.

Whether we’re building a brand from scratch or picking paper stock for a business card, our commitment to quality remains the same. Each moment in the process is important. Every project is unique. One might require elegance and art, while another is necessarily basic. In all of it, we mind the details, take the right risks, and overlook nothing.

Let’s design your future.

When it comes to work, there’s nothing better than having a great team in your corner. Business is hard. Merritt Studio makes it easier, so that you can focus on all the other things.

Let’s talk and team up.

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