PROJECT: Vans Snow Campaign. The annual snow campaign focused on a primary story and had three secondary stories and multiple tertiary stories. Each story line focused on an athlete and a boot. Unrestricted Feelings encompasses the sounds of snowboarding and how it connects to the feel of boarding. These sounds dictated the look and feel for each story. Photography was based off of photo brief and Unrestricted Feelings creative brief. The video was captured and later integrated into the campaign direction. Each story was effected through the sounds of snowboarding and altered the motion design. Each texture per story was manipulated through audio through Processing and After Effects.  

Role & Responsibilities: Creative/Art Direction and Design. Make, Design and Build out each art package for each story. Oversee animator and art direct digital manipulations, collaborate with the videographer to achieve desired effects. Oversee Environmental design and make sure Retail Deliverables were equal to the overall direction. Collaborate on seeding kit for primary story and design a zine to be distributed within the kit. Contribute to digital and assist with asset design and make sure the campaign came to life online.

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